• To herald the library movement in a country to spread knowledge and information and ultimately contribute to human resource development;

  • Providing manpower/expertise support for development of libraries including digital, electronic and photo libraries;

  • To make the people library conscious so that they demand the right of access to library services; mobilize social pressure for the healthy development of library services;

  • To strive for the evolution of an integrated national library and information system (including digital libraries) based on national policy; bring to the attention of the authorities the deficiencies, defects, etc., in the existing library infrastructure;

  • To provide a common forum for library professionals for exchange of information, ideas; experiences and expertise;

  • To work for the betterment of salaries, grades, service conditions. Status, etc. of library professionals;

  • To hold the image of the library profession high in society; promote cooperation among libraries and library professionals;

  • To share resources and avoid duplication of efforts;

  • To contribute towards manpower development for library and information work; which includes education and training, research, incentives, awards and rewards, etc.

  • To support for the National Knowledge Commission objectives and it’s activities in relation to libraries.


  • Improvement of library services;

  • Promotion of cooperation among libraries and library professionals;

  • Development of library science education and training and accreditation of library schools towards maintaining proper standards of education;

  • Promotion of research and scientometric / bibliometric studies;

  • Publication of serial and other publications for dissemination of information;

  • Providing a common forum by organizing conferences, seminars and meetings;

  • To encourage and promote the systematic acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge;

  • To improve the quality of library and information services and dissemination work;

  • To serve as a field of active contact for libraries, information bureaus, documentation centres, etc;

  • To improve the technical efficiency of workers in special libraries, information centres, etc., and look after their professional welfare;

  • To take such action as may be incidental and conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Association.

  • To promote open source software for library management – automation, creation of institutional repositories, digital libraries, etc.


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